Tips to Improve Warehouse Efficiency for Household Items.

warehouse tips
Storing Before Moving
There can be numerous motivations for storing belongings in warehouses. The most common inspirations for storage for household items are downsizing of apartments, moving out of the previous location before the new one is ready, and surge in excess furniture. Whatever the cause for storage, here are some vital tips from Movers and Packers Pune for storing your goods in warehouses.
Don’t store perishables:
It is really unwise to try and store perishables. Even the most meticulous planning and cold storage sometimes cannot save these things. Moreover, after they perish things can get really nasty.
Introspect what you really need to carry. You can always purchase better options later to suit the available space and your needs. You can consider local second hands later.
Dismantle Large Furniture:
Large furniture is better stored after being dismantled. Most of the larger furniture can be dismantled.
Dry up your electronics:
Before you dismantle furniture like coolers, refrigerators and air-conditioners, you need to ensure that all the components are completely cleaned and wiped dry. For refrigerators and air-conditioners, you need to check the compressors for leaks.
Get appropriate packing materials:
You need to get all the packing material that you need for the storage. Acquire cardboard boxes of various sizes. Make sure you have an incessant supply of waste paper, linen, packing paper and bubble-wraps to cushion the fragile. Also acquire a cheap supply of coir and nylon straps to fasten the cardboard boxes. Some fragile things such as glass articles, crockery and plates are best packed in partitioned boxes and dish boxes respectively. You can consider getting them at a good bargain from the recycling stores. Cardboard sheets can be used to pack mirrors.
Stack appropriately:
Follow the order of stacking. Stack the wood pieces and the furniture bits first with the large hard cardboard boxes and then finally place the fragile though it is better if you do not send fragile valuables for storage. Write “Handle with Care” using a felt pen. Also mention “This Side Up” with an arrow sign to provide the direction of the cartons for your packing fragile valuables.
The most underrated aspect of moving is labelling the cartons and the boxes. It is mandatory that you label the opening side of the box. It is always easier to unpack if you have the list of the possessions in the box.
Use the built in spaces:
If you could not manage to pack all your small things separately or have problem in stacking them then you can use the drawers of your cupboards and the lockers of your almeries to stock them. This, of course is the last option as it makes the furniture heavy and difficult to move. But, in case of emergency, it can serve as a good quick fix.
Analyze your needs:
Even before you approach a warehouse for storage, analyze your space requirements and other specifications. That will be a deciding factor for the kind of warehouse you need. If you want to store vehicles like a two-wheeler, a four-wheeler or a boat, you need to inform the authorities early. The quantity and quality of your possessions will determine the space you require as well. Also check if you need a cold storage option.
Cushion well:
Whatever you pack to be stored, cushion it well. In case of large components and furniture pieces use mattresses and rugs, for brittle things use paper, thermocol and bubble wraps, for heavy things use cloth.
Good packing is the fundamental to efficient storage and easy moving. So, take time and pack your things carefully.

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