Quality tips for Packing Fragile Items and relocation tips in India.

Moving is not an easy process especially when it comes to packing fragile items. Here are some tips to help you do so:

Packing Fragile Items

The Right Packing Materials

You would require strong cardboard boxes of varied sizes. Also invest in special dish pack boxes for dishes. Make sure you get other tools such as packing paper, scissors, bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers. For valuable items, get the best protection. Buy some crates which work like magic. These are special boxes, made from wood especially for a specific object for your household good shifting or office shifting. Crates are easily available from movers. Plan the number of packing supplies you require.

It is crucial to know the exact way to pack fragile items for relocation especially when you want to shift your office. Here, you must organize the type and quantity of packing materials for use. It is not good to go for less packing materials as compared to that you require. This will make you go for unnecessary trips across the market. The best thing to do is to ask movers to help you with the best of packing supplies. Look for a quote and explain the movers what you need.

Glassware Packing
You can use special boxes for glasses and plates – they provide better security. You can pack things on your kitchen table or on the floor, wherever you prefer. Make sure there is some space available and place the packing for fragile items there as well.

Packing Dishes
Make sure the dishes are packed in small or medium boxes. Use larger boxes for heavy to carry items. You also need to line the boxes using good amount of paper on the inside. Also wrap each dish with the paper. Bubble wrap should also be used to offer additional protection. These may be a little expensive but very beneficial for packing all kinds of fragile items. Once you have packed each plate, it is time to secure packing using tape. Also place it vertically inside the box. You must make use crumpled special paper to fill empty spaces around plates. This ensures requisite cushioning. Take care that you put in every box only the items they can hold.

Packing Paper
Glasses should be packed with special packing paper. To ensure the best of packing, simply line up small / medium boxes using special paper. Now arrange glasses while and filling empty space with packing paper in crumpled form. In case, you wish to arrange items on layers within boxes, try placing the largest and heaviest items on the bottom of boxes. Thereafter, you can go on for smaller, lighter things on top. This is the best way to ensure better protection for fragile items when moving.

Specialty Packing Items
For picture frames, use cardboard or bubble wrap. Tape these securely. For smaller picture frames use boxes lined with special paper. Make sure the box holds ample space to hold crumpled packing paper in between for additional protection. The time when you shift your household goods between major city such as moving from Bangalore to Pune or vice versa these tips are really important. from Moving blankets are the best option for packing larger picture frames.

Alternatives to Boxes
Although it is quite tempting to use cheaper and easily available alternatives to professional boxes to pack fragile items, you should avoid it. Towels, blankets, newsprint, etc. may be easily available and affordable. However, these are not the most viable and effective ones. For instance, newsprint is affordable but may leave a lot of stains on your valuable belongings while the blankets and towels may not be able protect your belongings well. These may slip or tear off damaging the item which is not good especially if it holds high emotional value for you. Professional Packers and Movers are the best choice as they have all the special material to make your relocation safe and secure.

When packing larger items, simply use rope. Make sure you hold expertise in this art. If not, then hire professionals who can do it in a better way and ensure 100% protection for your items.

Mark Boxes
Make sure you mark packed boxes with the term “FRAGILE” on top. Also mark on at least two of the box sides with the same. Another thing to do is to get stickers in bright colours such as yellow, red etc. Simply stick these on the tops and sides of boxes that you have packed fragile things in. Also make arrows on boxes that point exactly which side goes up.

Hope the above listed tips help you pack fragile items in an efficient way and keep them protected during the entire process. However it depend on your hiring Packers and movers Service. All the best!

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