Tips for Packing and Moving Plants Safely While Shifting.

shifting of plantsIf gardening is your hobby and you love your garden very much, then just a thought of taking your plants with you in your new house will make you very happy. Plants make our homes cozy and relaxed feeling of a very pleasing atmosphere. And to find the same atmosphere in your new home, you would like to take your plants also along with your other valuable items. But, unlike other valuables, Plants and trees need some extra care during the relocation to some other place.
One may wonder that if any packers and movers company provide their services for relocation your plants and trees. Well the answer is yes in some cases while a no in the rest cases. While relocation plants, some packers and movers may deny the relocation due to lack of proper and fresh air. In case if any company agrees to relocate your plants, don’t forget to ask for a temperature-controlled environment during transportation.
While relocating trees and shrubs himself, one must have the complete information that as to how the plants and trees are relocated and what is the limitation in their relocation. Following are the points which should be kept in mind or can be followed if you want to relocate the location of your plants.
1. Limitations. Before you opt to move plants and trees across a country ensure that this is possible and the state government allows the relocation of plants and trees. Some countries around the world require a segregation period to make sure that no harmful pests or diseases are iin toted into the state. In order to be aware, one must check out the local rules and regulations of the state before importing any plants or trees to your location.
2. If you will be moving your plants and bushes by yourself always start preparing those boxes that are strong and are large enough to hold your plants. Cover the sides of the boxes with plastic and tape to make them sturdy and place the pots inside. After this do not forget to fill the empty space between the pot and the box with the bubble wrap or packing foam so that the plant remains steady in the box. Taller plants can be wrapped up with plastic and holes be punched inside to let the air make its way in for your plants. Such kind of situation is appearing while you shifting your office to some other city.
3. If you are unable to move your plants but you also want to have them in your new home, you could carry some of their cuttings or you can also carry their seeds too. In this way you would just need to plant those cuttings or seed and water them regularly. In this way, your plants will remain attractive for new owners you will also be able to get the plants and shrubs at your new home.
4. Once you reach your new home take out all your plants that have been kept in the boxes, water them and keep them under some fresh air and sunlight if any. If you have carried small cuttings or seeds of your plant, don’t forget to plant them well in time.

However, shifting your valuable plants and goods totally depend on the packers and movers service whom you had hired for the shifting. A good and sophisticated packers and movers can leads your shifting turns into a hassle free shifting.

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