Checklist you Must Consider at the Time of Relocation of Your Household Goods.

household shifting tips We consider packing and moving as one of the difficult and complex tasks we encounter in life and the one which exhaust our energy, if it’s not done in an organized or planned manner. Moving to a new home, be it due to work transfer or for family need, it will be one of the best experiences for any family, but it should be done in a manner such that the best experience doesn’t turn into a nightmare. If one has a large family with kids and elder family members, the task becomes more difficult due to many other types of luggage to be packed and moved. Moving to a new home is an exciting time and one can enjoy it if he/she follows some of the tips, trick and proper checklist you must take seriously is provided below:

First and foremost thing is to make a list of items to be packed according to the rooms and also based on its importance. This list will be your guide during packing and also unpacking at the new home.

Planning ahead and doing the packing process in an organized manner will help to ease the shifting experience a breeze.

Make sure inventory is available for the task. Have plenty of boxed in different sized to handle small to large, fragile to solid items to be packed. Along with the box, it’s also important to have tapes, labels, scissors etc. Well, in handy.

The order of packing should be always start with the least important item such as things from the store room and then to other important items, this approach will make the task simpler.

Labelling the box is always a good habit, this will help to identify the contents of the box easily and without any confusion during unpacking. The labelling can be based on the room or based on the type of items packed.

It’s always better to display the ‘Fragile items’ or ‘Glass items’ near the label of the box such that it will be easier for the packer and mover service people to handle the box correctly.

As much as possible don’t waste any space in the box and make sure the box is filled with the contents, this way the total number of boxes needs to be used will be minimized.

Wherever the items can be dismantled into smaller parts to make it easy for packing, it should be done. In the case of furniture, if the item can be separated for packing and then can be assembled later it should be preferred but need to make sure all related items like nuts or bolts for that furniture are packed along with it to avoid any hassles.

Electronic items like TV, home theatre or players needs to be packed with bubble covering for it to withstand the minor shocks it may encounter during the packing and moving process. This holds good for the glass items as well.

It’s better to cover the furniture or other likewise items with corresponding packing padding such that there won’t be any wear and tear type of damage to the items during transfer.

Always better to have valued items privately packed and kept along with you in the car trunk during movement. Though the Movers and Packers services are reliable, it’s better to be precautions.

Apart from having the correct things in the boxes, it’s very important to tape the box well, such that it can handle the transfer and travelling process well.

If there are some small things in the boxes, it’s better to just have a tiny bright sticker on it to make them instantly visible in the box during unpacking which saves one a lot of time.

Pack or keep things together, i.e. light bulbs with lamps, corresponding power cords with its appliances and accessories with its related device.

Try to keep the boxes to an average weight so that moving process and unpacking will be easier, if on the other hand a box is packed to heavy weight there may be issue of box getting damaged in the moving process and it will also affect the things present inside the box.

During filling the box, always put heavier and solid items at the bottom and then put fragile and small things on the top for balance and easy carriage. Here is our previous blog with some useful tips for Fragile Items “Quality tips for Packing Fragile Items and relocation tips in India.

Prevent mixing items from different rooms in a same box ,this will lead to a huge confusion during unpacking and one may not remember distinctly the complete list of items which was present in the box during packing.

Make sure the box size used for a specific item is according to its size such that the carrying of the box will be easier.

Remember to put the message ‘Open the box up side this way’ on the box such that it will be easier when the box is hold and carried or placed such that the items inside it won’t be affected.

Following the above tips will help you in moving with a greater ease.
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